martin Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Binary Options Trading Strategy

Every trader who sets off to explore the world binary options is searching for the best possible way to forecast financial markets, and therefore obtain stable returns. One of the worst and most common mistakes that novice traders make, however, is regarding options trading as a sort of gamble, which makes them rely solely on their luck without really considering or analyzing the current situation on the market. They may be lucky at the beginning, however, luck does not tend to last long, and losing all money on one’s account…

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cot Binary Options 

Binary Options Dictionary

Here’s a binary options dictionary for the benefit of newbies. This binary options dictionary will be constantly expanding and new definitions will be added to it. Binary Options Dictionary Asset: Otherwise known as the underlying asset; an ownership agreement on a digital option which gives binary option investors the right to buy or sell based on a predetermined agreement. ATM:  At The Money; a tie. Bearish market:  One of the three possible market conditions where the overall market conditions are decreasing in value and heading in a downward direction. Indicates…

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hu7 Binary Options 

What is in store for binary options?

Binary options are a fantastically simple investment tool, but numerous issues have held them back since their inception. Are there signs however, that some of those barriers are soon to be removed? I want to explain what is holding binaries back right now – and what might develop during 2016 to help move these simple tools, from relative financial obscurity, into the mainstream. First, the issues. Binary options have a poor reputation. The key point here however, is that the product itself – the ‘binary option‘ instrument – is not the…

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