Binary Options 

Binary Options – Trading or Gambling?

Binary Options have been hit hard by the regulators globally recently, even CySEC considering to ban Binary Options. However it still remains a hot topic in many under-regulated countries. Surely, lack of knowledge and experience is the main issue when it comes to Binary Options and overall this misconception have direct impact for the rest of true retail financial markets. “Is Binary Options Gambling or trading?” – article aims to help traders and those who want to make side income online by defining if Binary Options is gambling or trading.…

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CFD/FX Options strategy 

Secrets of Trading Turbo Options

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not an investment advice. Turbo options is a type of binary options with a short, limited term. Binary options traded on 1 to 5 minute timeframes can be considered turbo options. Traders who prefer dealing with turbo options are called scalpers. Scalpers are traders who do quick, instant deals with a small amount of target income. These deals (known as strokes) are accurate, fast, and flat (in terms of profits) like a scalpel cut (although in some literature their workflow is compared…

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CFD/FX Options Brokers 

The Return of Unregulated Binary Options Brokers

Regulation versus the free market – an eternal fight between cat and mouse with no clear winner and many unexpected twists and turns. One way or another, this is a brief description of pretty much any industry since the birth of laws and regulations centuries ago. When it comes to the financial services industry, regulators are always claiming to be protecting the interests of clients, but many times they are merely protecting the interests of different lobby groups. Other times their actions are inadvertently creating loopholes and new structural problems for…

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