cot Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Top Tips For Maximum Profit

There are roughly 3 types of people in this world: people that will never make it, people that are comfortable with mediocrity, and people that push the envelope for maximum success. No matter to which of these 3 groups you belong, this article is for you. Use it to step it up a notch or to keep ahead of the game. If you trade binary options, you need this article with top tips for maximum profit. Start at the Beginning Whatever you do, if the foundation is off, you can’t…

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torg_p Video 

Moving Average

Moving Average is one of the simplest technical analysis tools and one of the most popular indicators among traders of different levels. The price always tends to its average value – the balance point between sellers and buyers. This indicator is the basis for a variety of trading strategies and indicators. Why do we need it? – Defines the trend. – Defines the entry point.

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14520 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Interview with the August Harvest winner

Mr. Muhammad Ismail has won the IQ Option monthly tournament, August Harvest, and filmed a video about the results, we decided that our traders would like to learn more about this misterious lucky trader. What is your name? Muhammad Ismail ( Ismi Fx ). I am from Pakistan and I currently live in the United Arab Emirates. What do you do for living? I am an IT  professional and I own an  IT shop in the UAE. I am also a full- time Forex and Binary Options Trader. What made you…

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visatnw Binary Options 

Stricter Visa Regulations for Binary Options in the US and Canada

Visa has recently sent out documents to all those who handle cards with strict instructions on how to control binary options providers from expanding their business in North America. Their main argument is that most binary options providers are regulated and licensed in countries like Cyprus and are prohibited from operating within the US and Canada, since their platforms do not adhere to the regulatory standards of these countries. Even though Americans and Canadians have access to these offshore platforms, in reality, they should not be able to trade with…

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daweda-exchange Options (CFD/FX) Brokers 

Daweda Exchange Launches Automated Trading

Daweda Exchange, a binary options trading provider operating under license number 289/16 from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, has recently launched a native automated trading software for its clients. The system allows for easily engaging the binary options marketplace without the need for active maintenance. Daweda Exchange was launched in June 2016 promising a peer-to-peer model where the buyer and seller act as counterparties to the trade without the involvement of a broker. It developed its own trading platform and its own orderbook in order to provide clients with “true market exchange…

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trader-inte Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Interview with trader

This time we decided to make an interview with a less experienced trader, who is in the beginning of his trading path and yet has already got a story to share. We find this story inspirational and a good example of the fact that trading is available to everyone and is not that complicated or twisted as it might seem.  1. What is your name? My name is Raza Ahmed. I am 18 years old and I live in Germany. 2. What do you do for a living? I just finished…

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scree Binary Options 

How do I withdraw to the card?

Withdrawal is one of the most interesting topics for traders. We decided to talk about withdrawals to the bank cards as they cause a lot of questions and are slightly more complicated in their essence than e-wallet withdrawals. How can you withdraw your funds in the first place: It is important that you withdraw to the same bank card or e-wallet, you have used to make a deposit, otherwise, the system will cancel the request, the amount must not be larger than the deposit made from that card (no amount…

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