racer-4 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

The Racer strategy for turbo binary options.

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not an investment advice. Options of the Turbo type can significantly reduce the time for trading and increase the profit factor of your trading activity. After all, a profit can be made with the help of these short-term contracts every 60 seconds! The only thing left to do is learn how to determine in which direction the price will move in the next minute – up or down. This new Racer strategy will help. The set of indicators for trading on…

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cysec Options (CFD/FX) Brokers 

CySEC publicizes list of unregulated brokers

Amidst the recent clampdown of many regulators across the globe on the binary options industry and primarily on binary options brokers, the watchdog in one of the most popular hubs for licensing such brokers, namely the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) continues its attempts to clear its name and its jurisdiction of any wrong-doing and has thus decided to issue an extensive list which includes over 100 different forex and binary options websites that are not authorized to provide financial services in or from Cyprus, since they are not…

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buyback Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Money management – 50% of your success!

Money Management is a set of rules and techniques designed to minimize risks and maximize profits. A proper business strategy is only 50% of success, the other half depends on the money management the trader uses. Utilize the following guidelines in your trading, and you’ll achieve the best possible results in trading. Risk not exceeding 3% Maintaining clear control of the level of risk in each transaction is the first and most fundamental rule of money management. Regardless of how proven or profitable the trading system is, if there are…

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jarvisformula-3 Binary Options Scam 

Binary SCAM-Jarvis Formula.

The Jarvis Formula is one of the latest entries in a seemingly never-ending flow of online binary option auto-trading scams. These guys are the umpteenth outfit to claim they have found the magic key to El Dorado, and they do it in an entirely unoriginal manner. Nothing about this scam is original…in fact, it looks like a mosaic of a bunch of other such scams, tossed together and blended into a 30-minute long goo, which will drain the very life force out of those unfortunate enough to view it all the way…

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cci-1 Options (CFD/FX) indicators 

How to use indicator CCI.

CCI (the Commodity Channel Index) first appeared in specialised literature in the late 1970’s. Donald Lambert created the CCI indicator to analyse commodity markets, but the market history has proven that if CCI “works,” it can be applied to all financial sectors. The currencies, securities and derivatives markets are impractical and overly emotional. This is evident in the unending cycle of crises alternating with periods of economic recovery. The market reaction to these events is excessive. The ups and downs are so extreme that it sometimes leads to the collapse…

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binomo Options (CFD/FX) Brokers 

Qualities That Define the best Binary Options Broker

When you start digging deeper into the world of binary options, you’ll find that there are more brokers out there than you’ll probably visit in a lifetime. Needless to say, most of them aren’t worth a visit, as you can read in our article on binary options brokers. If you want to know which ones aren’t worth your time, you can also visit our broker blacklist (and please, add a broker if you know a bad one). But because we can’t cover all the good and bad brokers, you can…

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