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How to start earning on binary options?

Detailed instructions on the platform for beginner traders. How to trade on the Binomo mobile application? Advantageous offers for new Binomo traders Every new Binomo trader gets the opportunity to earn money without investment, to invest under the most favorable conditions, and to take advantage of many other benefits Your capital may be at risk. This material is not an investment advice.

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IQ Option Price Movements

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not an investment advice.  We have long been thinking on how to improve your trading experience, how to help you react to the news in time and make your trades thus more timely. With the new IQ Option Price Movements feature you will get closer to taming the market and may be able to ride that trend wave like never before. Here is how: Once you launch the IQ Option mobile application you instantly notice the panel on the left with…

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sar-2 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

How to Trade with Parabolic SAR

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not an investment advice.  Parabolic SAR is a technical analysis indicator developed by Welles J. Wilder. It was first described in Wilder’s 1978 book, New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems. SAR stands for “stop and reverse”, it trails the price action as the time passes. The indicator is positioned below the price when the prices are soaring, and above the price when the prices are falling. The author himself called this indicator the “Parabolic Time/Price System.” At the moment, Parabolic SAR…

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IQ Option Tournaments Binary Options 

Free Tournaments on the IQ OPTION platform

Free weekly tournaments for all traders were recently implemented on the IQ OPTION platform. The main prize in them is a ticket for free participation in one of the larger paid tournaments. IQ OPTION provides more and more tools for beginning traders. From now on, users can get the full range of emotions, and perhaps win a significant prize in the tournament from the IQ OPTION for free. You can see the list of upcoming tournaments in the corresponding section on the platform. From official website about tournaments: “Tournaments are…

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IQoption Weekly Reports

IQoption Weekly Report no.1 (03.04-09.04.2017) Trader of the week: Steven from Greece earning $70000 after a week of trading starting on Monday from only $4000. Below you can find top 5 countries where profits withdrawals were the highest: . IQoption Weekly Report no.2 ( 10.04-16.04.2017) Featured: IQoption classic trade with 5275% profit (It was executed by trader from France David J.) . IQoption Weekly Report no. ( 17.04-23.04.2017) In this episode we talk about IQ Option best trader, withdrawals and stocks popular on IQ option platform. . The assets that…

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bb-4 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

“Bollinger Breakdown” trade strategy

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not an investment advice. On any asset’s chart there are periods of consolidation, when the price moves horizontally with small waves in a narrow price channel (i.e. almost does not change). After such moments, quotes will necessarily continue active movement upwards or downwards, and this is an excellent chance to earn. The “Bollinger Bands” indicator will help to determine whether the price will go up or down after consolidation. After reading this article, even a beginner can set up and apply…

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macd-indicator Options (CFD/FX) indicators 

What is the MACD indicator?

Moving average convergence/divergence or the MACD is one of the simplest and most effective momentum oscillators ever created. The MACD is a trend-following momentum indicator. The indicator was developed by Gerald Appel in the late 1970s. How does MACD work? This indicator is well suited to identify entry and exit points. The MACD provides corresponding signals in the beginning and in the end of the trend. Fast and slow lines It may seem like understanding the principles behind the MACD is harder than putting the indicator into practice. To better…

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