OTN Cryptotrading 

OTN Tokens – Selling and Mining.

The Open Trading Network, a project that will change the cryptocurrency industry forever, is far from reaching its full capacity. Traders, however, can already profit from the OTN by mining and selling tokens on an online exchange. The difference between the cost of mining and the ask price turns the OTN token into a perfect asset for arbitrage. ‘Arbitrage’ is an intricate term used by financial professionals to describe the classic “buy low, sell high” strategy. In turns out that during the initial phase of the Open Trading Network project…

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AUDJPYDaily-1 Market Trends 

Price Action FX Review – (30.10.2017)

We are starting a new week in the markets. Last one was extremely interesting and there were a lot of investment opportunities. You can read about my positions and new potential entries below: AUD/JPY: Pair reached key support and rebounded from it on Friday. However, there was no buy signal complying with price action (Price Bar, Fakey, Inside Bar) still its worth observing next candles. Maybe an Inside Bar will form today and you can play it depending on the situation, either short or long. EUR/JPY: I regret the missed trade on…

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Eurodollar-14 Market Trends 

Eurodollar Crashes

The ECB has just released the statement for the October policy decision. The decision was as expected, no change to interest rates. What wasn’t expected was a dovish tone to the statement and an extension of QE. The bank has decided to decrease the amount of monthly bond purchases starting January of 2018. The decision will cut bond purchases by 50% to 30 billion Euros and extend the taper of quantitative easing into the 4th quarter of next year and possibly further. The reason for the cut is lackluster inflation…

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Candle watcher-2 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Candle watcher

What do you think is the most important quality of a trader? Patience! If you have it, then you can easily earn on this strategy for binary options. You need a candlestick chart and your favorite indicators to confirm the signal. Pour your coffee and get ready: you need to watch carefully, and react quickly. How to trade Choose a timeframe from 1m to 5m. How to conclude transactions UP We only conclude transactions UP on a growing trend. We wait for the beginning of correction: at least three falling…

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ADX EMA-4 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

ADX EMA Strategy

I am well aware that many of you expect the fastest possible results and real profits from transactions on Binary Options. So I prepared a brief description of a strategy, which I find not only very effective, but also simple to use. It is based on the combination of two standard indicators available in each analytical program – ADX and EMA. We recommend uTrader, which is a regulated broker in the EU, and has an accounts in many local currencies. ADX EMA strategy To use this strategy we will use…

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Livecoin Cryptotrading 

How to Trade OTN on the Livecoin Exchange?

Open Trading Network  has been listed for public trading on Livecoin. net!  So you can now not only mine tokens by trading on the IQ option platform but to sell these on the exchange. Let’s look into how you can actually trade OTN now. 1) Register Once registration is complete, you will automatically return to the balance page. Here you can either deposit or withdraw your OTN tokens and fiat money. 2) Deposit OTN tokens Deposit tokens to the exchange, click the Deposit button in the corresponding string. The required amount…

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OTN_Mining Cryptotrading 

How to Mine OTN Tokens?

Many IQ Option traders have been asking about the process of OTN mining and why the number of expected OTN tokens they see at the beginning of the week does not correspond to the number at its end. You must be thinking IQ Option is up to something evil here. This article will show you the facts. First thing first: how can you mine OTN tokens? Go to the IQ Option platform, find Crypto or CFD(crypto) assets on the top left panel of your trade room; Pick an asset, determine…

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