history Binary Options 

History of the Binary Options industry

This article is an attempt to chronicle the history of the binary options industry, as seen from a Binary.com perspective. Early years: 1999-2011 The Binary.com venture was founded in 1999 as a joint-venture between Jean-Yves Sireau and Regent Pacific Group Ltd., a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The venture was funded with a US$ 2 million capital injection by Regent Pacific. The website, originally known as BetOnMarkets.com, was launched in early 2000 following registration of the company’s US patents. During those days, binary options were considered to…

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How-to-Trade-Crypto-10 Cryptotrading 

How to Buy and Sell Crypto

Cryptocurrency is probably the most important technological innovation of the last decade. Bitcoin, the world’s premiere cryptocurrency that is up 1780% this year, has already been announced the financial blockbuster of 2017. As a client of IQ Option, you will trade cryptocurrencies without experiencing the downsides of online exchanges. The latter are neither stable, nor reliable and often create bottlenecks. IQ Option, being a certified broker, offers you the opportunity to open both long and short positions in a fast and secure manner, store assets using cold storage, all while enjoying the…

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beginaers Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Strategies for the holidays

The period from December 25 to January 9 promises surprises. Whether they’re pleasant or unpleasant will depend on your flexibility. If you’re able to adjust, you’ll be in positive territory. If you’re a slave to habits, then it might be better to refrain from trading during this period. But we are of the opinion that if you’ve been warned, then you are armed. And the best weapon for a trader is a strategy. What to expect from the market? Where and how will prices move? And why will Asia be…

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Digital Options-1 Binary Options 

A Trading Revolution – Digital Options

IQ Option stands as a leader in cryptocurrency and options trading. The award-winning IQ Option interface has been recognized worldwide as a user-friendly, intuitive and sophisticated platform for beginners and advanced traders alike. IQ Option has now introduced Digital Options as a new instrument to give you more flexibility to realize your trading goals. Digital options give you the opportunity to profit on both up and down moves on many financial instruments, while manage your risk. What are digital options and why should you trade them? Digital Options & Their…

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Guppy-3 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Guppy: a strategy with 13 moving averages!

Australian trader Daryl Guppy is a master in trading on the trend. He created a strategy with 13 moving averages (and named it in honor of himself, why be modest?). Let’s first of all say that this strategy is very strong. It’s easy to work with, and even a beginner will notice the signals. And if you “catch” the trend, you will be in the black. Configure the template Any asset with a pronounced trend is suitable for the strategy. We recommend choosing a timeframe from 30s to 5m, and…

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