Flag Pattern-2 Options (CFD/FX) indicators 

The Bullish Flag Pattern

Continuation signals are awesome, they indicate a strong trend is only half over. Of course, the best time to see a continuation signal like the Bullish Flag Pattern is after you’ve entered a trade but even so they can provide highly profitable entry points. This particular continuation pattern comes with three parts; a rally, a triangle and a break-out that when completed can lead to significant gains in price. Why is it called a flag pattern? This is because the pattern forms when a symmetrical triangle forms at the end of…

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FCA2 Binary Options Scam 

RBinary adds to Warning List

British financial regulator (FCA), announced today that it has added RBinary to its warning list. The FCA believes the firm is operating in the UK without having approval to do so. RBinary joins a host of firms added to the UK regulator’s warning list in recent weeks. The British regulator has been in rapid-fire mode in the past month, adding five firms in one day last week. This reporter is already familiar with RBinary, the Marshall Islands-registered binary options dealer. The firm shares a UK address with another unscrupulous financial services provider,…

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3 IQ option Platform Features You Absolutely Need to Try

The IQ Option trading platform has so much to offer, it is easy to oversee or forget about certain features that will elevate your trading level if used correctly. Today we are talking about Take Profit/Stop Loss, Market-on-Open and Trailing Stop Loss — three features that both rookie and professional feature should take a closer look at. 1) Take Profit / Stop Loss While the other two features are not essential, this one is vital for everyone trading on longer time intervals. Take profit / stop loss is an order…

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MOMENTUM + RSI-2 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

The “Momentum + RSI” strategy

The “Momentum + RSI” strategy is suitable for trading on a flat. It is based on volatility analysis and works well on calm but not “dead” markets. One plus of the strategy is that it is universal. You can choose any asset and time for trading. The most effective timeframe is 1 minute. Configuration Momentum: period 7 RSI: period 5, levels 25 and 75 Horizontal at the 50 RSI level Support/resistance lines Setting up the template First, set up the tools and mark the levels that are important for trading with the Horizontal…

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Market-on-open Orders Trading 

How to create Orders Even When the Market Is Closed

With the introduction of a new feature “”, IQ Option traders now have an opportunity to open deals (both Buy and Sell) at the opening price of the asset. This feature is obviously meant to be used when working with Forex and CFDs (contracts for difference) due to the fact that these two instruments are not traded 24/7 and have periods of inactivity. But why would you want to use this new feature and, more importantly, how to get the max out of this seemingly minor change to the platform? Read…

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9a2 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

How to trade on price momentum?

Do you like new, untraditional, profitable solutions? If yes, you’ve got to learn the Awesome+ strategy. It’s very easy to understand and it works perfectly on average and highly volatile markets with highly liquid assets; in other words, it loves mobility and popularity. It really doesn’t matter when you use it, the main thing is that the market should be “breathing”. Template setup Assets to trade: AUD/USD; EUR/USD; EUR/GBP; GBP/USD with levels +/- 0.0005 AUD/JPY; EUR/JPY; USD/JPY with levels +/- 0.03 GBP/JPY with levels +/- 1.0 The recommended timeframe is…

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