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AscTrend Binary System

AscTrend Binary System is a trend momentum strategy based on Asctrend (modified indicator build on the Jma) and KDJ indicator of momentum. This trading system works also without binary options.

Time Frame 15min or higher. Best Time frame withot binary options are H1 and H4.

Metatrader Indicators:

MA 2 Signal (5, 7,1,1,);

AK Zig Zag pointer (60,5, 3);


AscTrend Phase JMA MA (1,5 21, 5, 5, 1);

KDJ (9, 0.666, 0.333).

Rules AscTrend Binary System. Find the Currency Pairs or Markets in trend and apply the template.



AK Zig Zag pointer arrow buy;

ArrZZx2 formed support area;

Ma2 crosses up;

AscTrend JMA green dots,

KDJ red line crosses other lines upward.


AK Zig Zag pointer arrow sell;

ArrZZx2 formed resistance area;

Ma2 crosses dowward;

AscTrend JMA red dots,

KDJ red line crosses other lines downward.

It’s important find the currency pairs in trend because in sideways market , you can have false signals.

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