Eurodollar-14 Market Trends 

Holiday Season Peak

Friday has been disastrous for my last week’s forecasts as TRY plummeted, strengthening safe havens (JPY, USD) beyond expectations. EUR/JPY did not consolidate within 128.30~131.88 range, AUD/USD did not bounce at 0.7365, EUR/USD did not bounce at 1.1510 and GBP/USD found no support. No view has been offered for USD/CAD. Major last week’s events (a week that traditionally included geopolitical, market moving events): Tariffs front: 25% tariffs decided to be imposed as of 23 of August on 16B$ worth of Chinese products. China would retaliate reciprocally. NAFTA: No news under my…

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trader Trading 

Pitfalls of Overtrading

One of the most common problems faced by traders is overtrading. The surprising thing is that not many traders know they have this problem, while even fewer know how to overcome it. Taking up more trades doesn’t necessarily mean more profit. Needless to say, this line of thinking can be detrimental to your trading performance. Following the tips below when you feel the urge to overtrade can help you fight this costly habit. Stop micromanaging the trade Have you ever found yourself constantly adding to a trade or moving around…

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mage CFD/Forex 

3 tips for forex trading

There are many traders who make the jump from small to large Forex trading positions without being aware of the challenges involved. Experienced traders will tell you it’s important to know what to expect before making the change. As a trader, it’s crucial to remember that raising the stakes and trading large positions may magnify potential profits, but it also increases risk. Keeping the following three tips in mind can help you better mitigate the risks of moving on to bigger trading positions. Make sure you have sufficient funds First…

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MACD Options (CFD/FX) indicators 

What is MACD?

As you probably already know, there is no single ‘best’ technical analysis indicator. Each of them has its time and place. However, if asked to choose their favorite tool, a lot of traders would answer “MACD”. Moving Average Convergence Divergence is a trend following indicator that is used to spot an emerging trend, whether an upward or a downward. It is by right one of the most effective and commonly used technical analysis tools ever created. In todays’ article, we will take a closer look at the indicator and learn how to apply it…

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forex-options Video 

What are FX Options?

  IQ option broker are thrilled to announce the launch of FX Options — a new instrument that combines the concept of options and Forex abilities, allowing users to trade currency pairs within short time frames. FX Options are currently available only in non-EU countries and will soon be released in Europe. To see the new product in action please watch our video tutorial: What sets FX Options apart from other products? Unlimited return for successful deals (depends on the asset’s price change) In case of an incorrect prediction, losses…

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IQ broker Trading Video 

How to start trading? ( webinar )

Learn how to open a free account and start trading on IQ broker platform. Fast track to the topics you are interested in: 2:09 – How to sign up? 6:05 – How to make a deposit? 7:33 – VIP conditions 9:47 – Entering the Traderoom 10:43 – List of assets 12:06 – How to change the chart and add graphical tools? 14:07 – Technical indicators and how to use them? 16:25 – Why setting the time interval is important? 18:15 – What is spread? 19:59 – How to start trading?…

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Flag Pattern-2 Options (CFD/FX) indicators 

The Bullish Flag Pattern

Continuation signals are awesome, they indicate a strong trend is only half over. Of course, the best time to see a continuation signal like the Bullish Flag Pattern is after you’ve entered a trade but even so they can provide highly profitable entry points. This particular continuation pattern comes with three parts; a rally, a triangle and a break-out that when completed can lead to significant gains in price. Why is it called a flag pattern? This is because the pattern forms when a symmetrical triangle forms at the end of…

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