occasion-1 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Strategy for every occasion

How to profit quickly and lower risk at the same time? Learn the SEER strategy. It was designed to work on a moderately volatile market, for trading on the flat, and for strong trends. In other words, you can use it at any time whenever you need to earn. How does it work? We cut out price noise, look for overbought/oversold zones, and at precisely the right moment we conclude a successful trade. That’s it in a nutshell. But you should learn more. Setting up the template The strategy works…

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ip.bitcointalk.org Trading 

Discipline is a trader’s best friend

Discipline is a trader’s best friend. It is the most profitable tool a trader can use and by far the one least employed. Without it all other tools are meaningless, any trade you make is little more than a gamble and that’s not the way to ensure success. What is discipline and why does it matter so much? According to the Merriam-Webster on line dictionary there are a few definitions associated with the word discipline that are important to traders. First and foremost, discipline is control gained by enforcing obedience…

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60 Seconds-1 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

A fast strategy that you can pick up quickly

It’ll only take a minute to read through this countertrend strategy, just another to set it up, and 60 seconds after that, you could already be earning a profit! Template customization Asset for trading EUR/USD Timeframe from 30s to 1m RSI with a period of 4 minutes and levels 90 and 10 Bollinger Bands with the period of 20 and a deviation of 2 (standard set-up) UP TRANSACTION 1. Declining trend 2. The price “rebounds” from the lower borders of the Bollinger Bands. 3. The price of the RSI crosses…

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All inclusive-2 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Strategy for flats – All inclusive

To apply these tactics, the trader will have to be like Julius Caesar. First, you’ll need to use a lot of indicators, and secondly, the strategy is based on strict observance of ALL entry rules. Favorable conditions for this strategy often occur on long sides (flats), and you can earn without waiting for market volatility. Customizing the template It works for any asset at any time. We chose the 1m timeframe. We add the following to the chart: 2 “moving average” indicators: method Exponential, periods 3 (red) and 10 (blue)…

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OptionFair-shuts-down Binary Options Scam 

Why Binary Options broker OptionFair shuts down?

TechFinancials Inc, the Binary Options technology and brokerage company, has made a big announcement in regards to its operations. The company has informed the public that it plans to withdraw the Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF) license of its regulated subsidiary B.O. TradeFinancials Limited (BOT). Why Binary Options broker OptionFair shuts down? According to the reports, the company has also planned to shut down its OptionFair Binary Options brand. In addition to shutting down the OptionFair, the company also intends to return all client funds. BOT is the CySEC regulated entity…

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warning Binary Options Scam 

AMF warns against unauthorized binary options trading websites

The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) has published a list of new websites offering binary options trading, for which no authorized investment services provider could be clearly identified. Here is the list of new websites recently identified: www.capitaldeposit.net www.emfi-placesecurity.com www.xfr-financial.com . A list of all unauthorized websites to offer trading of binary options is available in the AMF’s website (section: Espagne Epargnants > Protéger son épargne > Listes noires) and Assurance Banque Épargne Info Service – ABE IS’s website (section: Epargne > Se protéger contre les arnaques > Les listes…

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history Binary Options 

History of the Binary Options industry

This article is an attempt to chronicle the history of the binary options industry, as seen from a Binary.com perspective. Early years: 1999-2011 The Binary.com venture was founded in 1999 as a joint-venture between Jean-Yves Sireau and Regent Pacific Group Ltd., a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The venture was funded with a US$ 2 million capital injection by Regent Pacific. The website, originally known as BetOnMarkets.com, was launched in early 2000 following registration of the company’s US patents. During those days, binary options were considered to…

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