w5 Cryptotrading 

Things You Need to Understand About Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading have swept the globe as average investors are turned into millionaires overnight. While it may seem easy to profit from cryptocurrency it’s not, at least, the easy money has already been made which means it will take more than luck to earn a buck in the world’s fastest growing market. Here are three concepts you need to master to make money trading cryptocurrency. No short selling Short-selling is a market mechanic that helps keep bulls and bears, buyers and sellers, in balance. Short-selling, by definition, is…

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PRO-Trader Trading 

How Becoming a Pro Trader

Trading is a desirable pursuit. However, few become professional traders capable of turning a stable profit. In order to become a PRO, you will need to study and practice a lot. Knowing what to learn and how to sharpen your newly acquired skills is as important as your persistence and diligence. Today’s article is a step by step guide that will take you from a rookie trader to a hardened investor. Learning the basics As with any activity, whether profit-oriented or not, you would want to start with the basics. Seems logical,…

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Pathfinder-5 Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Version to trade in flat

Strategy characteristics Type of strategy:Flat Timeframe:1m – 5m Assets to trade:Any In the evening and at night the market “flats”: it moves calmly within a price corridor. Fluctuations are small, but predictable. Now we’ll tell you how to determine the turning points of quotes in flat. Preparing a template First, choose the Bollinger Bands indicator with the default settings. It will show the moments of maximum price deviation from its mean value. Then select the RSI (Relative Strength Index), which will indicate price reversal points. Apply these settings: Length –…

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GBPJPY-2018_08_21-2 Market Trends 

GBPJPY – Testing 140.00

The GBPJPY currency pair has dropped by more than 700 pips since the beginning of the current month. After breaking the support of the channel, the sellers pushed the quotes to the key support within the round level of 140.00. As can be seen in the daily chart below, for several days the strength of declines slowed over support at 140.00. Still, the quotations are located at a considerable distance from the 20-day EMA, and therefore there is a chance of a rebound before the possible further move towards the south. After…

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Eurodollar-14 Market Trends 

Holiday Season Peak

Friday has been disastrous for my last week’s forecasts as TRY plummeted, strengthening safe havens (JPY, USD) beyond expectations. EUR/JPY did not consolidate within 128.30~131.88 range, AUD/USD did not bounce at 0.7365, EUR/USD did not bounce at 1.1510 and GBP/USD found no support. No view has been offered for USD/CAD. Major last week’s events (a week that traditionally included geopolitical, market moving events): Tariffs front: 25% tariffs decided to be imposed as of 23 of August on 16B$ worth of Chinese products. China would retaliate reciprocally. NAFTA: No news under my…

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trader Trading 

Pitfalls of Overtrading

One of the most common problems faced by traders is overtrading. The surprising thing is that not many traders know they have this problem, while even fewer know how to overcome it. Taking up more trades doesn’t necessarily mean more profit. Needless to say, this line of thinking can be detrimental to your trading performance. Following the tips below when you feel the urge to overtrade can help you fight this costly habit. Stop micromanaging the trade Have you ever found yourself constantly adding to a trade or moving around…

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mage CFD/Forex 

3 tips for forex trading

There are many traders who make the jump from small to large Forex trading positions without being aware of the challenges involved. Experienced traders will tell you it’s important to know what to expect before making the change. As a trader, it’s crucial to remember that raising the stakes and trading large positions may magnify potential profits, but it also increases risk. Keeping the following three tips in mind can help you better mitigate the risks of moving on to bigger trading positions. Make sure you have sufficient funds First…

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