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Binary Options Trading Basics

While binary options trading is a lot different from most other financial market trading, it is one of the easiest means of successfully making money from the financial market. Once you understand the basics of binary options trading, you will understand that it is actually much simpler to place and win on than several other financial instruments.

Binary options trading has some pretty nice advantage compared to other trades. First, there is no middle ground as far as is concerned; you either lose your trade or you win it. Another pretty nice thing about binary options trading is the fact that you will know what you could potentially lose and what you stand to win, even before that trade is placed.

slide_img2There are quite a lot of statistical analyses and other financial elements that go into binary options trading, these all point you to either want to place a put or call options with your trades. It is also important to know that all binary options trades are intricately linked to asset price movement. If you are placing a call option you are forecasting an asset price increase and if you are placing put options you are invariably predicting a price decline

To be able to successfully profit from binary options trades, the underlying assets has to be below the strike price on a put option or above the strike price on a call option at expiry.

That is why it is crucial to precisely predict the market trends or conditions when placing your trades. The market is said to be bearish if prevailing investor sentiment is not favorable to making a purchase. When this happens investors think the market will continue to fall. Under bullish conditions, the opposite is true. Investors see favorable market as prices are in an upward trend.  It is in this regard that binary options became very popular as investors can make profit off both rising and falling market prices.

It was also important to mention the role of technical analysis in successfully placing binary options trades. There are quite a few traders that can be successful at trading binary options without engaging in some form of statistical analysis.  This form of analysis is critical to predicting price performance and entry point over time. It should be easy for you to place a trade if you see a strong price trend in either direction.  You will have to make trades by looking at historical price movement if there is no strong price trend in either direction.

When making binary options trades, it is important to look at the expiration time factor closely. A smart trader always uses recent price performance information when making trades using shorter expiration timeframes. However, in longer expirations, a smart trader uses underlying asset performance.  Statistical analysis will reveal the low and high prices of an asset over a specific timeframe. Although it is likely for the said asset to go below or above this analytical lows and highs, they usually remain within the boundaries.

Smart traders will assume that when an underlying asset price moves closer to a statistical boundary, the next thing that should happen is a short-term trend reversal. It is most often at this point or near it that is a perfect time to place a call or put option. On some rare occasion, you can predict an asset price to break out of the statistical boundary. Though it is still possible to be profitable with this kind of trades, it is important to note that these trades are much harder to predict and do not happen as often as price movement within a statistical boundary.

A very crucial point of emphasis is that you should never base a call or put options on guesswork or emotions.  If you feel that you do not have enough evidence to make a trade, then it is prudent to forget about trading in that particular circumstance

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