Bitcoin Cash (BTH) – Facts to Learn Right Now

1) Bitcoin Cash (BTH) is a splinter cryptocurrency that has been “hard forked” from the original Bitcoin digital currency;

2) Bitcoin Cash is currently really hard to sell due to it low liquidity;

3) Mining of blocks is long and cumbersome, as it was as the start of Bitcoin;

4) One block of BCH today took 10 hours to mine, compared to the 10 minutes it should;

5) Because most exchanges aren’t accepting deposits of Bitcoin Cash yet, the only Bitcoin Cash available to trade is currency that was credited by exchanges after the fork;

6) There’s probably a ton of Bitcoin Cash waiting to be sold, as soon as people can transfer it;

7) Right now, Bitcoin Cash is worth $336.07, which makes it the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap

Bitcoin Cash (BTH)

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