Candlestick-4 Binary Options Options (CFD/FX) strategy 

Candlestick Trading

Japanese candlesticks are the best way for traders to view the market, improve your results with these winning tips. Four Tips For Candlestick Traders Japanese candlesticks are by far my preferred method for trading the financial markets. It doesn’t matter the asset, the candles bring the chart to life in a way that make the battle between bulls and bears exciting to watch. While the candles can give a clearer view of the market and provide high-probability signals they are not easy to read. A bearish looking candle could appear…

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history Binary Options 

History of the Binary Options industry

This article is an attempt to chronicle the history of the binary options industry, as seen from a perspective. Early years: 1999-2011 The venture was founded in 1999 as a joint-venture between Jean-Yves Sireau and Regent Pacific Group Ltd., a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The venture was funded with a US$ 2 million capital injection by Regent Pacific. The website, originally known as, was launched in early 2000 following registration of the company’s US patents. During those days, binary options were considered to…

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Digital Options-1 Binary Options 

A Trading Revolution – Digital Options

IQ Option stands as a leader in cryptocurrency and options trading. The award-winning IQ Option interface has been recognized worldwide as a user-friendly, intuitive and sophisticated platform for beginners and advanced traders alike. IQ Option has now introduced Digital Options as a new instrument to give you more flexibility to realize your trading goals. Digital options give you the opportunity to profit on both up and down moves on many financial instruments, while manage your risk. What are digital options and why should you trade them? Digital Options & Their…

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How to Withdraw Binary Options 

How to Withdraw Funds from IQ Option?

No matter what trading strategy they use and how successfully, all traders face the issue of funds withdrawal sooner or later. IQ Option offers clients a wide variety of choices here. Read the article below to familiarize yourself with all the major options you have. IQ Option does not apply transaction fees to deposit and withdrawal operations of our clients, except for wire transfers. All withdrawals made using the bank transfer will subject to an additional fee of 50 EUR (or 53 USD) will be applied. All other fees applied…

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cropped-wallpaper12 Binary Options 

Binary Options and CFD/FX Trading

Binary Options Trading The binary option is a simple digital contract that offers a fixed payout at expiry. The payout is based on the expected future price movement of an asset in relation to the entry price. No direct investment is made in the underlying asset itself, with the contract forming a simple wager between the broker and the trader. A payout is made at the agreed expiry time if the trader has been able to successfully forecast the direction of price movement. This is known as the contact ending ‘in the…

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bitcoin-2 Binary Options Cryptotrading 

Trade cryptocurrencies on IQ OPTION

Cryptocurrencies are on the move following the successful split of Bitcoin’s blockchain. The split, a user activated fork, was feared to spell doom for Bitcoin and the crypto currency asset class but in reality has helped solidify its public acceptance. Since the split not one but two currencies have risen to reach astronomical all time highs and from the looks of things more are on the way. Bitcoin What happened to Bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin supporters were trying to fix a problem with the coin. The system was originally constructed with…

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