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Things You Need to Understand About Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading have swept the globe as average investors are turned into millionaires overnight. While it may seem easy to profit from cryptocurrency it’s not, at least, the easy money has already been made which means it will take more than luck to earn a buck in the world’s fastest growing market. Here are three concepts you need to master to make money trading cryptocurrency. No short selling Short-selling is a market mechanic that helps keep bulls and bears, buyers and sellers, in balance. Short-selling, by definition, is…

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How-to-Trade-Crypto-10 Cryptotrading 

How to Buy and Sell Crypto

Cryptocurrency is probably the most important technological innovation of the last decade. Bitcoin, the world’s premiere cryptocurrency that is up 1780% this year, has already been announced the financial blockbuster of 2017. As a client of IQ Option, you will trade cryptocurrencies without experiencing the downsides of online exchanges. The latter are neither stable, nor reliable and often create bottlenecks. IQ Option, being a certified broker, offers you the opportunity to open both long and short positions in a fast and secure manner, store assets using cold storage, all while enjoying the…

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OTN-price-1 Cryptotrading 

OTN tokens – Positive Market Reaction.

Open Trading Network is revolutionising trading cryptocurrencies by offering a cross blockchain platform to the marketplace — a first to the crypto trading sector. Positive Market Reaction After the 1st emission, October 16th, The value of OTN tokens has ascended rapidly — reaching a market capitalisation exceeding over 40USD million in the first few weeks of trading and with only 1.7 million OTN tokens in circulating supply out of a total potential circulating supply of 80 million OTN tokens. This, alongside fast- growing trading volumes, is a sign of a positive market reaction. Market participants…

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BTC-deposit Cryptotrading 

Deposit in Bitcoins

You’ve been asking for it, we’ve got it done. IQ Option users are now welcome to top up their trading balances with Bitcoins! And what’s more – the process is far easier than you might think. The processing provider? Cubits.* *For now, the feature is not available for the IQ Option Europe Ltd clients (EU countries). Here is a quick how to: 1) As usual, you open the Deposit tab and chose the deposit amount. Unfold the list of payment methods, pick the Bitcoin one. 2) You then will be…

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How to withdraw cryptocurrency from IQ Option

In order to directly withdraw from your crypto positions, make sure you have enough of secure deposits. By secure deposits, we mean payments from bank cards that use 3-D Secure technology (such as Verified by Visa), whereby the customer authorizes the payment with a one-time password received from the bank at the time of payment. The total amount of payments made with 3-D Secure authorization is the amount available for direct withdrawals of cryptocurrency. The price of the cryptocurrency being withdrawn is calculated using the exchange rate at the time…

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OTN Cryptotrading 

OTN Tokens – Selling and Mining.

The Open Trading Network, a project that will change the cryptocurrency industry forever, is far from reaching its full capacity. Traders, however, can already profit from the OTN by mining and selling tokens on an online exchange. The difference between the cost of mining and the ask price turns the OTN token into a perfect asset for arbitrage. ‘Arbitrage’ is an intricate term used by financial professionals to describe the classic “buy low, sell high” strategy. In turns out that during the initial phase of the Open Trading Network project…

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Livecoin Cryptotrading 

How to Trade OTN on the Livecoin Exchange?

Open Trading Network  has been listed for public trading on Livecoin. net!  So you can now not only mine tokens by trading on the IQ option platform but to sell these on the exchange. Let’s look into how you can actually trade OTN now. 1) Register Once registration is complete, you will automatically return to the balance page. Here you can either deposit or withdraw your OTN tokens and fiat money. 2) Deposit OTN tokens Deposit tokens to the exchange, click the Deposit button in the corresponding string. The required amount…

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