OTN_Mining Cryptotrading 

How to Mine OTN Tokens?

Many IQ Option traders have been asking about the process of OTN mining and why the number of expected OTN tokens they see at the beginning of the week does not correspond to the number at its end. You must be thinking IQ Option is up to something evil here. This article will show you the facts. First thing first: how can you mine OTN tokens? Go to the IQ Option platform, find Crypto or CFD(crypto) assets on the top left panel of your trade room; Pick an asset, determine…

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OTN tokens-14 Cryptotrading 

How to Get OTN Tokens?

A blockchain is probably the greatest technological innovation of the 21st century so far. Its full potential is yet to be seen. However, it is already clear that the world — and the world of professional finance in particular — will never be the same. Despite positive long-term prospects, the technology is still immature and fragile, especially in the sphere of cross-chain operations. Separate blockchains fail to cooperate effectively, turning cryptocurrency management into a hassle. The Open Trading Network* is aiming to solve this problem. Just like the Internet connected…

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b1-en-800x500 Cryptotrading 

BitFlip – cryptotrading

FLIP – new token with support of stock exchange. Presale starts right now and available till September, 10. Just a day ago you could see a FLIP token on platform. We are preparing details about ICO and tomorrow we will publish it in separated landing page. But now we will let you know some answers on most popular questions. Can I mine new token? Yes, you can.We will provide information about mining process right after ICO ends. When will ICO start? Presale of tokens starts August, 28 and finishes September,…

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Bitcoin Cash Cryptotrading 

Bitcoin Cash (BTH) – Facts to Learn Right Now

1) Bitcoin Cash (BTH) is a splinter cryptocurrency that has been “hard forked” from the original Bitcoin digital currency; 2) Bitcoin Cash is currently really hard to sell due to it low liquidity; 3) Mining of blocks is long and cumbersome, as it was as the start of Bitcoin; 4) One block of BCH today took 10 hours to mine, compared to the 10 minutes it should; 5) Because most exchanges aren’t accepting deposits of Bitcoin Cash yet, the only Bitcoin Cash available to trade is currency that was credited…

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Binary.com-ICO Cryptotrading 

ICO Binary.Com – IPO on the blockchain

Binary options pioneer is offering digital tokens that grant dividend-linked payments through its “IPO on the blockchain” Binary.com, the pioneer in online binary options trading, today announced it will be performing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that gives potential investors an opportunity to invest in the company’s future. Binary.com is offering up to 10 million digital tokens through its ICO –– all of which will be available through an open auction on its website. By purchasing the tokens, investors are granted exclusive token holder rights. These rights entitle them to…

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OTN Coins Cryptotrading Options (CFD/FX) Brokers 

Open Trading Network Tokens and OTN Coins

Open Trading Network will use OTN coin as an internal currency, and all collateral logic and exchange transactions will depend on it. OTN will build own custom blockchain with OTN coin as it’s vital part. Exchanges Livecoin.net Cryptopia Coincodex   Open Trading Network Price Index, Historical Chart and Market Cap The OTN token* has demonstrated steady growth for many days in a row. Traded at $1.92 on October 25th, the token is now priced at above $14.01, a stunning 630% increase. Most cryptocurrencies take months (if not years) to return suchlike…

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TS-crypto Cryptotrading 

Regular cryptocurrency purchase or CFD. What Is Better?

When trading Bitcoin and Ethereum — two most popular cryptocurrencies — traders do have a choice. Cryptocurrency trading can be conducted with the help of two separate instruments: regular cryptocurrency purchase and cryptocurrency-based contracts for difference (CFDs). Both options offer short/long positions and work in a similar fashion. Yet they should be used differently depending on the behavior of the market and personal preferences of each particular trader. CFD Buy and Sell Orientation Short-term Long-term Multiplier x3, x5 or x10 No multiplier Stop Loss and Take Profit Available Available A…

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