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Daweda Exchange Launches Automated Trading

Daweda Exchange, a binary options trading provider operating under license number 289/16 from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, has recently launched a native automated trading software for its clients. The system allows for easily engaging the binary options marketplace without the need for active maintenance.

Daweda Exchange was launched in June 2016 promising a peer-to-peer model where the buyer and seller act as counterparties to the trade without the involvement of a broker. It developed its own trading platform and its own orderbook in order to provide clients with “true market exchange experience”.

Daweda Exchange also offers a Professional Client Program which is suited for clients who are much more experienced traders and have sufficient programming skills. Under the Professional Client Program professional traders can trade using their own automated trading tools connected with an API to the Daweda Exchange Orderbook.


“We never understood why a client needed to interact with the broker when clients can simply trade in binary options between themselves.” said the company in a statement. “It is nearly impossible for the average client to make any profit when trading against a better-informed broker, or against a broker who has an interest in the outcome of the trade. Our model is better suited for anyone wishing to trade in binary options.”



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