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Interview with the August Harvest winner

Mr. Muhammad Ismail has won the IQ Option monthly tournament, August Harvest, and filmed a video about the results, we decided that our traders would like to learn more about this misterious lucky trader.

What is your name?

Muhammad Ismail ( Ismi Fx ). I am from Pakistan and I currently live in the United Arab Emirates.

What do you do for living?

I am an IT  professional and I own an  IT shop in the UAE. I am also a full- time Forex and Binary Options Trader.

What made you start trading binary options?

I had been trading Forex for 5 years prior to going for the Binary Options with other companies and then I decided to stay with IQ Option.

What has changed since then?

It has changed my way of living . It has brought financial freedon into my life!

It has changed my way of living

Have you used other platforms, if so what are our strengths and wicknesses if to compare?

Yes I have tried many platforms, I think that IQ Option’s strength lies with the Fast Withdrawals, Fast Charts and Awesome Chart Analysis Windows. Weakness lies with the lack of ways of trading like One Touch etc.

You are a VIP trader. What are the benefits of the VIP?

Vip Account Holders have great benefits like Personal Account Manager and Withdrawal in 24 hours etc.

How helpful do you find your manager?

 She is awesome i can’t find words to describe her help, she reacts on my e-mails very quickly and is there for me always.

What is your success secret?

My Success Secret is my Mom . I am nothing without Her Prayings! I am the First ever Trader From Pakistan who wins The First Position In IQ Option Monthly Tournament , I feel really Proud and dedicate this victory to my Family, specially My Brothers and my Mom, they are always with me in my worst times.

What would you advise to the new traders?

I would advise to all the New Traders to that stay with IQ Option and ask them for assistance if needed. You are safe here. Do not pay for magic systems, they are never going to work for you.

Follow your dreams. Soon you will Reach Your Goals!!!


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