Market Trends 

Markets Trends 5.11-11.09.2016

This week, the intensity on the stock exchanges has reached its peak. Two Central Banks, the ECB and the Bank of Canada, will present their decisions on interest rates, and dollar investors will get the latest crucial statistics in anticipation of a meeting on the open market of the US Federal Reserve system. Quote charts will “pace” from side to side, and options traders will be able to get rich, turning each new wave of growth or decline into profits in their trading accounts!

The USA: the Service Sector Business Activity Index

Given the service-oriented and high-tech US economy, business activity in the services sector is one of the most important “thermometers” to assess the health of the  biggest world economy. The higher the value of this index, the greater the support for the US dollar! Accordingly, the dollar pairs of USD/CAD, USD/CHF, and USD/JPY will automatically become excellent choices for transactions on increases!

Canada: The Bank of Canada’s decision on interest rates

For any currency, the Central Bank’s decision on interest rates is a scene for movement in the following weeks. The higher the level of rates, the more expensive the currency becomes against other market assets. What will the Canadian dollar’s quote movement look like over the next month? We’ll find out on Wednesday at 17:00 Moscow time, when the Bank of Canada announces its decision in the field of lending and monetary policy

The EU: The decision of the European Central Bank on its interest rate

Third in line for profitable trading is the ECB decision. On Thursday, the European Central Bank will publish the new refinancing rate. This means that the single currency will receive a new impetus to active growth, or a light monetary “slap,” which will send the EUR/USD quote to new lows.

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