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Scam Binary Master Mind

Binary Master Mind claims to be a “real advanced system with transparent tools”, an auto-trader using an algo-trading platform that sends accurate signals to traders that will enable them to become pros and make them rich. After our extensive review into this controversial website, we don’t have many positive things to say about it. Read our full article to find out what we discovered.

First Impressions of Binary Master Mind

Binary Master Mind claims to be a ‘secret weapon’, developed by people with over 100 years’ experience in the binary options market. Their system allegedly gives traders ‘super powers’ that will make them wealthy in just a short time.
Their charismatic spokesperson John West, repeatedly stresses that signing up for an account is completely free but don’t let this entice you. There is a minimum deposit of $250 which they will match up to 100%. This ‘widely successful model’ of providing signals also claims to engage with regulated investment brokers.


Proof that Binary Master Mind is Really a Scam

The initial encounter with the site already raises a few red flags. It’s not just the fake looking backdrop in John West’s introductory video that makes us wary of Binary Master Mind’s motives. There’s also the fact that the information provided is mostly contradictory, misleading, and unrealistic. In other words, there is no concrete evidence to support such far reaching claims.

Unlike with other signal providers, there is no preview whatsoever of their signal platform, which is strange in itself, after John West spends ten minutes praising its revolutionary features. The homepage also states that they have a list of recommended brokers to trade their signals with, but do not make references to any of the brokers by name. This lack of transparent information is almost always a sign of distrust.

Moreover, ‘John West’ is not really a company representative at all, but actually just a paid fiverr actor who is notorious for participating in other, similar sales pitch videos over the web, weaving a web of deceit to solicit unsuspecting traders.

We are told by West, that their software is available for trading 24/7 when any decent trader could confirm that financial markets are not open for trading on Saturday and Sunday. Another of his lies emerges as he tells us that this software has been used successfully for years, when a quick visit to reveals that the website is really only a few months old.

In their terms of service, they state they may engage in the practice of cold calling customers for the purpose of ‘offering them further information’. The awards listed at the bottom of the page also raise some eyebrows, as they look heavily photo-shopped. Not to mention the numerous spelling mistakes and bad grammar.


We found that all Binary Master Mind really have to offer are some mediocre marketing strategies. There is no reason for traders to use this provider with so many better, more reliable ones available on the market. Don’t fall for this scam.

Our Verdict

We can confirm that this system is a complete scam, created to prey on vulnerable, inexperienced traders, desperate to make big money from binary trading. Binary Master Mind is nothing more than a money-making scheme designed to drain your savings, probably as quickly as your first deposit.

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