CFD/FX Options strategy 

Strategy for trading at night

t night, it is easier to predict the quotes movement than in the daytime. When the European and American exchanges close, you cannot wait for surprises – prices keep moving within their channel and rarely go beyond it. You should only determine the limits, and a profit will be in your pocket!

The best time to trade using this strategy is from 17:00 UTC to 03:00 UTC.

How to customize the platform

For profitable trading at night, you may apply the MACD indicator with standard settings to the chart:


To determine the moments of a price turn, put two horizontal lines on the MACD indicator scale, namely at the levels 0.0001 and -0.0001 (use the “Horizontal Line” tool). When the price touches one of them, it will, most likely, be a price turn signal::


How to trade

Trade UPWARDS when the lines of the MACD indicator have fallen below the level of -0.0001 and then crossed each other and turned upwards:


Trade DOWNWARDS when the lines of the MACD indicator have risen above the level of 0.0001 and then crossed each other and turned downwards:


Expiration periods and money management

We recommend that you choose a time frame of 15S and expiration time of 3 minutes.

As always, the transaction amount should not exceed 3% of the trading account balance, and if you are new to this, 1% will be enough. In this case, you save your deposit from a drawdown and can get a sure-fire profit with a clear adherence to the strategy.



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