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Ten most famous traders

There are many well-known traders who subsequently went completely the other way, not related to finance, for example, John Key (Prime Minister of New Zealand) and Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia founder). Our current list consists of people who have become known for steel and were traders. Life is the most famous in the world of traders painted a variety of colors — triumphs and tragedies, and, of course, the exploits of a number of «something difficult». The list starts with the legendary traders in the past and progresses to the present day.

1. Jesse Livermore: Jesse Lauriston Livermore (1877-1940) was an American trader, known for its huge profits and losses in the market. He successfully played the game for a fall during the market crash of 1929, increasing his fortune to 100 million. Dollars. However, by 1934 he had lost almost all the money and finished suicide in 1940.

2. William Delbert Gunn: William Gunn (1878-1955) was a trader who used the methods of analysis and market forecasting based on geometry, astrology and ancient Greek mathematics. His unusual technical instruments include Gann angles and the square 9 and others. Gunn has written several books and courses on trade in the market using its techniques.

3. Soros: George Soros (born in 1930) is chairman of Soros Fund Management, one of the most successful companies in the history of the hedge fund industry. He earned the nickname «The man who has ruined the Bank of England» after the 1992 made a bid in the amount of 10 billion dollars to the pound depreciation, which eventually earned him 1 billion. Dollars in profits. We already wrote about the most outstanding deals Soros, read the detailed article here.

4. Jim Rogers: James Rogers Jr. (born in 1942) is the chairman of Rogers Holdings. He became one of the founders of the Quantum Fund with George Soros in the early 1970s, which received a staggering 4,200% of income for 10 years. Rogers is known for his faithful predicting a bull market for commodities in the 1990s, and thanks to the books, which tells the story of his adventurous travels throughout the world.

5. Richard Dennis: Richard J. Dennis (born in 1949) has left its mark on the world trading world as an incredibly successful trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It is reported that he earned the state $ 200 million over ten years since I started trading. Together with his partner William Eckhart, Dennis was one of the founders of the legendary experiment with traders-turtles.

6. Paul Tudor Jones: Paul Tudor Jones (born in 1954) is the founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, one of the leading hedge funds in the world. Tudor Jones gained notoriety after to make about $ 100 million as a result of the game on lowering stocks during the stock market crash in 1987.

7. Paulson: John Paulson (born in 1955), Paulson & Co. hedge fund He climbed to the top of the financial world after it made billions of dollars in 2007 through credit default swaps, playing on a slide during a crisis in the US mortgage lending.

8. Steven Cohen: Cohen (born in 1956) founded SAC Capital Advisors, a leading hedge fund focused on trading stocks. In 2013, the hedge fund SAC was charged with the Securities and Exchange Commission insider trading, the Fund has agreed to pay a fine, which amounted to 1.2 bln. Dollars.

9. David Tepper: David Tepper (born in 1957) is the founder of the wildly successful hedge fund Appaloosa Management. Tepper, both in problem debt specialist, spoke several times on the CNBC, for his performances closely watched hundreds of thousands of traders.

10. Nick Leeson: Nicholas Leeson (born in 1967) trader-swindler, who is known for having bankrupted Barings Bank. Leeson was serving his sentence in prison in Singapore for 4 years, before returning to a normal life, and became CEO of Irish football club Galway United.

The dramatic and varied life history of the most famous in the world of traders have become a unique material for books and movies. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, in fact, the biography of financial life of Jesse Livermore, a timeless classic and one of the most important books ever written about trading stocks. Or, for example, the film «Rogue Trader» (1999), whose plot is based story of Nick Leeson and the collapse of Barings Bank, is a case of danger, risk and unpredictability of the financial markets.

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