CFD/FX Options indicators 

The indicators for binary options on short-term time frame


This indicator is often used by professional traders, operating on the Martingale system. The essence of the algorithm is to construct an invisible price channel. At a penetration of one of its borders, receives the input signal in the opposite direction, so, If you see a circle under the price, then you need to buy an option up, at the close of this momentary spark. If the above – to buy down the expiry in 1 minute.

It features a very large number of trading signals, which will have to filter. buy you need, when the price is at the bottom of the chart, and sell, when the top. Once you analyze, Now cheap or expensive, you’ll need to find the signal at the input and the option to purchase.

Let’s look at its signals in MT4 terminal, and when a new signal arrives a deal in binary options broker platform.


Over the candle there was a signal. Open the broker’s platform and conclude a deal to buy the option down.


Precision indicator for trading in binary options. Work on it is only by changing its color. Purchasing is done by changing the strips from red to blue and vice versa, in the closing minute candle.

Looking at the example of the transaction, can understand, that the trading signals this system gives much less than SemaphorTrue2. This is due to the algorithm. You can not buy or sell an option, if more than 1 candle after the signal, such transactions have lower chances of success.

A significant advantage of this indicator is the fact, it can be concluded at the same time 5-6 transactions across multiple currency pairs, that rarely happens in trade, eg, by candlestick analysis.


visible, as the currency pair JPY / USD changed color from blue to red, then it’s time to buy an option up. broker platform is already open we, so only open the schedule desired currency pair and conclude a deal with the term of expiration 60 seconds.

These indicators provide a significant statistical advantage and allow to large brokerage accounts to trade without Martingale, by 70-80% profitable trades, which is sufficient for earning a fixed volume.


Superior technical indicator, based on the classic MACD, using 3 moving averages and improved filter signals. The essence of the trade is to find the point of the histogram changes color. To start, We need to look, where the signal line of the indicator. If it is below zero, We need consider only sales, if the above – purchase.

The second signal is input in the search stage filtration. If the histogram has changed color from green to red, you need to buy an option down. In the reverse situation, when columns change color from red to green, You need to buy up. Naturally, transactions concluded on the minute chart.


We can see on the chart of the currency pair USD / Canadian Dollar, histogram indicator that changed color from green to red. Open the chart of this pair BO broker and buy call option down.

Note, parameters that differ from the standard MACD settings. This is due to the use of more accurate and adaptive algorithm. The percentage of profitable trades when used properly, is 82-88%.


Professional light to disperse deposits in the binary options. The system is sold in the region of 150-200 dollars .com, here you can also download it for free. It is easy to understand, buy signals are marked with green arrows, sale – red. The analysis is performed in MetaTreyder4 platform.

In the best use of options minute, to make a small price fluctuations in the morning and evening. Day trading is not recommended because of the important news. Look, as it works in practice.


visible, that chart the Australian dollar / US dollar came down arrow. Accordingly, the purchase option down.

We recommend to change the period indicator to 200 on 60, since it will be necessary to monitor the average value algorithmically hour, but not 200 minutes. The number of transactions also increase approximately 3 fold. If we use the default settings, then it can be used for trade within the day.

Average, for 8 trading hours can be made up 20 successful trades one currency pair. Choose the tools, payments are higher, so will be able to earn more. In the event of loss, increase the size of investment in 1.5-2.5 times, depending on the level of aggressiveness of your trade.


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