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The secret of success in trading.

Occasionally we look for traders with a good trading history and contact them for an interview. This trader has a very interesting story to share.

Tell us a little about yourself: where are you from and what do you do for living?

My name is Barbaros Aral. I’m originally from Turkey, but I currently live in Czech Republic. Until recently I’ve been working as a software engineer for over 20 years.

How did you get started with binary options?

For years I’ve been reading about binary options, but I was hesitant to invest. Then finally I decided to try, but since I had no system or strategy to my trading I blew all of my funds.

Fortunately, I soon realized that I needed to treat trading more seriously if I wanted make any money. Because of I’m a software engineer, I decided to analyze the market by myself and developed my own indicator according to my strategy and method. Ever since then, I have not been working for another company or for somebody else.

Have you used other platforms? Can you compare those to IQ Option?

Of course, I tried many platforms. I like that IQ Option gives an opportunity to invest as little as 1$. It’s very important for beginners or those who have little money. Also, other platforms don’t allow you to enter the amount yourself, they just have drop down menu and you can’t choose the exact amount you wish. I love that IQ Option is flexible that way.

Another thing I appreciate is that you can divide your trading screen into up to 9 small windows.

What’s the secret to your success in trading?

The secret to my success is actually very simple. We are human and we all have a wild horse inside of us. We must learn how to control it. I mean we must learn where to STOP, take a breath, refresh our mind and stick to our strategy.

Is there anything you could advise to those starting out with binary options?

What I can tell the beginners is this: binary options trading is not a computer game. Yes, you can make money, but you can also lose all of your investment. So, first things first –  you must learn how to trade and manage your risks. I wish good luck to all of you.

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