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Top the List of Binary Options Deposits in March

The top ten average deposit sources for binary options firms in March 2017, in descending order, are: New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. After APAC, we see that Europe is the second best region, followed by the Middle East.


If we normalize for the size of the national economy per capita, the list changes to: Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Poland and Sweden. As you can, see the top three average deposits countries remain in the running even when they have to compete with less affluent countries on a normalized scale. And Malaysia joins the club of leading APAC binary options markets.


Interestingly APAC is not on the map in terms of withdrawals during the month of March. The rich gulf states lead the way in this metric, suggesting that Middle Eastern binary options traders capitalized on their gains the most during the period.

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