Trader Kamil Bublis

Kamil Bublis from the Slovak Republic is one IQ Option’s VIP account holders and has willingly agreed to tell our traders his story of getting familiar with the broker. We hope this article will inspire you to develop diligence and only trust yourself while learning.

1) How did you come to trading binary options?

I was looking for an extra income, but starting an online business seemed like a lot of hassle especially chasing sales and customers. In this market the opportunities are there all the time to make money, it’s just a question of learning, practicing and being able to take a trade when I have time and not when a customer wants to.

2) How did you find out about IQ Option?

I have been reading about stock options when I found out about binary options so I wanted to try it and was searching for a reliable broker. Almost every broker has positive and negative reviews on forums so the only option to really know is to give it a try, that’s where IQ Option has won with a minimum deposit of £10. And withdrawal was easy too.

3) How was your start?

I have started with forex and still trade it occasionally, but due to my time demanding job I was searching for something to provide me with fast trading opportunities. That’s why I started with binary options. I was trying many indicators and always using one until I hit the losing streak only to replace it with another one later. Until I started to learn price action and reading the charts and rely on myself instead of indicators.

4) What kept you going?

What kept me going is the fact that it’s possible and there are always opportunities in the market to take advantage of and to make money if I will learn how.

5) How did your life change with trading?

It gave me hope that with the controlled risk I can take control of my finances and not rely on paychecks only. And I also got into studying finance/business and understanding markets.

6) How do you spend the funds from your withdrawals?

I have been trying to grow my trading accounts but lately I have found out it’s better in my case if I withdraw the profits above a certain threshold and spend them on enjoying life now.

7) What can you advise to the new traders?

I would advise against various courses and trading gurus and rather just to learn to read plain and simple chart which will help on any timeframe and also to write it’s own trading plan with risk management.

8 ) Any feedback on IQ Option services?

IQ Option platform is evolving quickly and they are always looking for ways to provide the trader with new ways of trading while maintaining the simple approach by limiting the loss and risk on any asset to a specific value which is very novice friendly and hard to find in this market.

9) Any particular experience you had while trading?

I am using both demo account and real account and on the mobile application, if the user switches from demo to real account, the value set for the investment stays the same. I trade more aggressively on the demo account and it happened to me few times that I have placed a larger order by mistake due to switching from demo to real account. But the trade has luckily always worked in my favor.

*Kamil Bublis did not want to share any photos with the broad public so the article has none, yet IQ Option confirms that the interview is of a real user and no data has been amended.

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