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During the IQ Option launch of their Limassol office, we were able to speak to Angelo Ioannides – an Account Manager in the VIP Services department. As well as talking about the new base in Cyprus, we also asked him to lift the lid on what his typical day is like, and what the latest developments are at IQ. Some of his responses are below:

Describe yourself in a few words

A few words I would use to describe myself with are friendly, helpful, reliable and trustworthy. I am a very determined and highly motivated person. I am quite easy – going to work with. Above all, I would say I am a positive and enthusiastic person and I relish a challenge.

Tell us a bit more about yourself

angeloAfter I finished my education I discovered a passion for wine so I followed a few courses in sommelier and wine service. From this brief passion of mine my palette and taste buds got stimulated and enhanced. This led to discovering one of my greatest talents cooking! When I have time off and away from the office, I love travelling to new destinations, enjoying the beauty of our planet.

I started working in IQ Option Group at the end of May 2016 and I hope I have a long future with this great company.

Explain what you do, and describe your typical day

As a VIP account manager my job is to assist my traders with getting familiar with all the features and functions available on our platform, to help them improve their trading knowledge and results.

Every morning after greeting my colleagues I first check my call-back requests, then I reply to my emails and I will welcome some new traders to our platform. Throughout the day I am checking for any market information and news that I may be able to provide my traders with. There is always something new on our platform and in the news so there is always something that needs to be done.

What’s new on the IQ Options platform?

Some of the latest developments on our platform are:
The buyback option, upon many requests we have delivered this service. This gives you the option to sell a trade before its expiration time, either to take a profit or to salvage part of the initial investment.

New assets are always added to our platform, also every month there are 4 to 6 tournaments for traders to participate in. There is always something new, unique and exciting going on at IQ Option, WATCH THIS SPACE!

Can you tell us a bit more about the tournaments?

Speaking about tournaments, a personal favourite of mine, it is a competition between our traders.

Using a fictional balance all participants start with the same amount with the single target – to increase that balance as much as possible until the predetermined end. At that point the top 30 finishers will share the pool prize with the winner taking the highest amount leading down to the 30th place.

Tell us a bit more bonuses. Can a trader turn down, or cancel, a bonus?

Upon depositing funds into your account, you are offered a choice to receive a bonus.

The bonus can be used to increase your balance making it possible to follow a strategy or a money management approach that requires a higher amount. A trader can reject a bonus from his account at any time by clicking the reject bonus option.

We sometimes hear about traders not able to purchase an option? Why might that happen?

Sometimes traders mention that they cannot place a trade. In many cases this is down to the exposure limits of the chosen asset. Exposure is visible on our platform. It signifies the available amount for a call or put option. Based on the amount of trades placed on the most popular assets every month we increase the exposure limits of those assets based on popular demand.

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