Binary Options Scam 

What is Zeus2?

Zeus2 is an auto trader, which is supposed to generate fabulous sums of money for those who sign up for it, download it and… wait for it… make the $250 deposit required by the broker the operation is hooked up to. That’s right… Harrison may tell you in his promotional video that all he needs from you is an investment of time,  but he comes clean in the second video, admitting what he’s really after.

As far as technology is concerned, Harrison, who is paid to pretend to be the CEO and inventor of Zeus2, gives us a really lengthy story. He attempts to sweep us off our feet with blurb that’s supposed to come off as techy… and he falls flat on his face. He says that Zeus2 trades faster than anything else out there, on account of the bare metal servers and fiber optic networks it uses, and also confides that it cost him around $50 million to set the whole thing up. That sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

It really isn’t. Bare metal servers and fiber optics have been around for a while, so they don’t represent the cutting edge of technology by any stretch of the imagination. As for a $50 million bundle of these things beating Wall Street at its own game… it’s not going to happen.

Who is Matthew Harrison?

Harrison is probably a rather poor actor, who still has to learn to read things properly off a teleprompter. Sometimes he speeds up and finishes a sentence too quickly, so he has to pause awkwardly, waiting for the prompter to catch up…that is no way to sell a scam like this, but it appears that scammers are running out of talented actors to hire. After all, one can’t really slap his face on more than 2-3 of these cheap swindles.

Though he brags about being a high-profile investor and business owner, known in all the right circles, a quick internet search will show you that Harrison doesn’t have a social media presence, and that he most likely doesn’t exist in this shape and form in the real world.

The Zeus2 Platform

In the second video, the one served up after the user provides his/her name and email, Harrison goes into specifics regarding the deal. He even offers us a glimpse of the Zeus2 trading interface, and through that, he reveals another bit of relevant information regarding the scam. While the trading interface itself looks okay, we find out that Zeus2 is hooked up with Tradorax.

What has to be known about Tradorax is that it’s an unlicensed and unregulated broker who has apparently done enough on its own to make it to the top echelons of the scam-charts. This is exactly the type of broker that would support an operation like Zeus2.

Exposing the Zeus2 Scam

What other indications are there that in Zeus2, we are indeed dealing with a scam? The promotional video is full of contradictions. At one point, Harrison claims that his trader delivers 100% winning rates – a claim which is a massive red flag in and of itself. Later, he seemingly backtracks, saying Zeus2 wins 98% of its trades. A bit further down the line, he begins explaining a system that actually makes sure Zeus2 never loses a trade… he see-saws on this issue like a skilled politician. This alleged anti-loss system fends of losing trades by countering them with another trade placed in the opposite direction. If you know anything about binary option trading and the way brokers work, you know that is mathematically impossible.

We then have all the ridiculous “proof” he presents of his and his family’s bank accounts. This “proof” takes the shape of some photoshopped bank account pages, which show ridiculous sums… if only it were that easy to fill up a real bank account…

Last but certainly not least, we have the super scammy-looking website. It features all the fake counters one might expect. Their “places to be filled before registration closes” counter starts out at 5 and it goes down to 3. A quick refresh of the page will instantly reset it to 5 though.

The Verdict of our Zeus2 Review – It’s definitely a SCAM!

Zeus2 is a fraudulent software designed to steal your money, and it’s a rather shoddy attempt at that. It makes one wonder why these people still bother with these schemes…

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