Binary Options Scam 

Binary Brain Trust Scam

What is Binary Brain Trust?

The Binary Brain Trust system is basically an automatic trading software that executes trades on your
behalf. The site’s founder, Martin Clayton, is supposedly the successful online trading Guru behind this advanced system, which promises its members profits of over $5000 per day.

How to Use Binary Brain Trust

The Binary Brain Trust system works by linking members’ personal accounts to their master account, in order to replicate the trades and in turn, the profits that they make. The system is allegedly founded on over 700 years’ combined experience from all the employees, who are experts in the industry, as well as advanced computer algorithms, combining the best of both worlds.

Creating an account is free of charge, however members must make a minimum deposit of $250 with the broker used by the site, in order to make profits. However, they do not reveal the name of the broker until after the member has signed up for an account. The broker they provided us with (after signing up for a dummy account), GTOptions is not necessarily a bad one. Although since they are not regulated, we do usually not recommend trading with them.

Binary Brain Trust Features

The FAQ section offers limited information as the 7 questions listed appear to repeat the same thing, mainly stressing the fact that the Binary Brain Trust system makes a profit of over $5000 daily for each of its members, totally to at least $100,000 a month. With such a lack of transparent information, we could not help but be suspicious of the site’s motives.

They also claim to provide high levels of customer support, 24/7, but there is no live chat option and members can only get in touch via email. The trading platform is available in 6 languages – English, Spanish, Russian, German, French and Italian.

Is Binary Brain Trust a Scam?

The introductory video on the homepage is immediately reminiscent of many-a-marketing ploy, utilized as propaganda to entice and solicit unsuspecting traders to invest their hard earned cash on a whim. It raises a number of red flags and it soon became apparent to us that the system is nothing more than a sleazy sham. They have allegedly been operation for the past 5 years, however a quick fact check will reveal absolutely no records of a Martin Clayton anywhere on the web.

Binary Brain Trust Red Flags

Moreover, there are numerous telltale signs of deceptive methods to reel in customers; memberships are apparently being offered in a ‘seriously limited supply’ and we are repeatedly advised to not ‘lose your chance’ and ‘miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime offer’. The provider also claims to be heavily regulated yet there is no regulatory information available anywhere on the website.

They also include testimonials from 3 “members” who became successful by using the Binary Brain Trust system but, again there is a lack of any real evidence; these could easily have been made up for the purposes of creating hype and attracting more customers. Oddly enough, there are no terms and conditions listed on the website, which is quite strange for a binary software provider.

If it all sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Luckily, it was easy to spot some similar attributes which are common to most scam sites. We also warn customers to be wary of fake positive reviews for Binary Brain Trust that they may come across. These reviews were probably created by affiliates as some also redirect straight to the Binary Brain Trust website.

Don’t Use Binary Brain Trust

Our verdict is that Binary Brain Trust is just another get-rich-quick scheme, designed to prey on vulnerable traders who are looking for big payouts. Daily profits of over $5000 are exaggerated and just plain unrealistic. With so many better alternatives available, there is no reason to try out this phony system.

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