CFD/FX Options Brokers Profits in 2017 $20min

Since being established in 2000 as, the company has been registering consistent growth with the past three years being particularly successful for According to the details in the documents provided along with the ICO, the company’s net profits for 2017 are expected to surpass $20 million with the trading volumes exceeding $900 million.

Net profits for 2015 surpassed the $10 million mark, with the number reaching to just below $14 million last year.


The company’s turnover was over $750 million in 2015, and almost $850 million last year. Shareholders received close to $14 million in dividend payments last year and $12 million in 2016. The documents show that expectations for this year are around $13 million.

The firm states that this year the number of active clients that are using its platform surpassed 100,000. The number is materially higher than last year when the company’s clients reached close to 80,000.

The total number of transactions clients executed reached almost 140 million in 2015 and dipped only slightly last year. The company expects it to rebound this year.

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