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FLIP – new token with support of stock exchange. Presale starts right now and available till September, 10. Just a day ago you could see a FLIP token on platform.


We are preparing details about ICO and tomorrow we will publish it in separated landing page. But now we will let you know some answers on most popular questions.

Can I mine new token?
Yes, you can.We will provide information about mining process right after ICO ends.

When will ICO start?
Presale of tokens starts August, 28 and finishes September, 10. ICO starts September, 10 and finishes October, 10.

How many tokens will be produced?
We will produce 10,000,000 FLIP. Emission will be limited to 40,000,000 FLIP. 7,500,000 FLIP will be sold during ICO. 500,000 FLIP will be available at presale stage.


How can I buy token?
Tokens will be availble to buy using our platform same as any other cryptocurrency. You can buy it now. Its already available by discounted price.

What about unsold tokens?
Unsold tokens will be devided propotionally by all investors after ICO ends.

What token is?
FLIP will usee Litecoin blockchain as base.

Why I need it?
BitFlip will deposit part of its income in own token making it more valuable for community.

Will be FLIP traded on other platforms?
Yes. We will do our best to make it available as soon as blockchain starts.

What about investors who participated in early stage?
Each investor in early stage will get free FLIPs depending on its investment to common pool.

During ICO we will remove all comissions on topup methods: QIWI, ePayments, Payeer, Advcash.


When ICO ends unsold tokens will be distributed between every token holder who bought any amount of FLIP during the ICO.We will start blockchain as soon as ICO ends. Get more information on special landing page –

We glad to announce that we finished with incorporation in Hong Kong.

We can check company using registry — Just search for BitFlip Limited.

In connection with the change in the price of the koin, all investors who have already purchased FLIP before received an additional amount of FLIP for the accounts according to the new price, thus no one lost anything and nobody was left behind, even remained in the black because the total number of coins is increased!

We updated the lending and added a complete miscalculation of the mathematical model and the cost of one koin.


All the details are available in the updated white book, you can download it here:

To participate in the pre-sale of coins at a bargain price of $ 0.16, you can here:

Sincerely, your BitFlip team.

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