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Forex Market Calendar for Monday 2nd October 2017

A new trading weekly session starts today, the first for the new monthly session of October, with plenty of important economic fundamental data. These are the most important economic events in the forex market calendar for today:


European Session

  1. Russia Markit Manufacturing PMI

Time: 06:00 GMT

An increase in the index is positive for the Russian economy and the Rumble indicating an expanding manufacturing sector.

  1. Spain Markit Manufacturing PMI

Time: 07:15 GMT

An in the case of the Russia, a rising figure is positive for the economy of Spain and the Euro. The forecast is for an increase of the reading to 53.0, marginally higher than the previous reading of 52.8.

  1. Switzerland Retail Sales

Time: 07:15 GMT

The yearly change of retail sales can move the Swiss Franc, as higher readings reflect both higher consumer spending and economic growth.

  1. Switzerland Manufacturing PMI

Time: 07:30 GMT

As mentioned in the cases of Russia and Spain, rising figures are positive for the Swiss economy, indicating expansion.

  1. Eurozone, Italy, German and UK Manufacturing PMI

Time: 08:00 GMT, 07:45 GMT, 07:55 GMT and 08:30 GMT

A day focused on the manufacturing activity for many of the European countries and the Eurozone, with expectations for the Eurozone manufacturing activity for the month of September to show an expansion with a reading of 58.2, higher than the previous reading of 57.4, which should be positive for the Euro indicating a strong manufacturing sector.

  1. Eurozone and Italy Unemployment Rate

Time: 09:00 GMT and 08:00 GMT

Both unemployment rates are expected to show a decrease in their readings, with the Eurozone unemployment rate declining marginally to 9.0% in August from the previous reading of 9.1%, being positive for the Euro indicating a robust European economy and higher future economic growth.

  1. ECB Member Speech

Time: 13:00 GMT

A speech by Peter Praet, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB is important with the potential to move the Euro in the event of new important fundamental information or upcoming changes in monetary policy.

American Session

  1. US Markit Manufacturing PMI

Time: 13:45 GMT

The US Markit Manufacturing PMI is expected to show a marginal increase with a reading of 53.0, higher than the previous reading of 52.8, being positive for the US Dollar, reflecting a strong and expanding manufacturing sector.

  1. US Construction Spending, ISM Manufacturing Employment and ISM Manufacturing PMI

Time: 14:00 GMT

Further important information for the US manufacturing sector, with higher than expected or rising figures being positive for the US economy and the US dollar, providing important insights on inflation, labor conditions and expansion of the manufacturing sector.

  1. Fed Kaplan Speech

Time 18:00 GMT

Again a speech from a central bank official can always move the local currency should the statements reveal new important fundamental information about the US economy.

Asian Session

  1. Japan Nikkei Manufacturing PMI

Time: 00:30 GMT

The forecast is for an expansion of the Japanese manufacturing sector and a reading of 52.6 for the month of September, higher than the previous reading of 52.2, which is positive for the Yen reflecting an expanding and strong manufacturing activity.

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