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Head of VIP department in IQ Option interview.

Mr. Egor Perepelyuk is a Head of VIP department in IQ Option and he recently gave an interview to which we share here:

IQ Option demo account is the first choice of traders worldwide. What makes it so popular?

It’s simple – traders can experience all the conditions of the real account without depositing money and without risk. I always say that trade on a demo account is much easier than on a real – this is related to psychology. And if you cannot trade on a demo account, then it is worth considering whether a trader should open a real one.

Also, a big plus is the ability to test different strategies. You should never start testing a new strategy on the real account. Probably the majority of traders understand this and therefore choose an IQ Option demo account.

In your opinion, why is IQ Option platform so appealing to traders?

This is a very good question.To understand, I will give an example. Once I stayed in an excellent hotel; everything was simply perfect. Especially the staff. In fact, one of the hotel employees was particularly attentive to me, and I liked this pretty girl and was very pleased with the attention lavished on me.


But soon I was a little disappointed when I saw that this same lady treats other hotel guests in the same way.

Fortunately, frustration did not last long, and I realized that excellent service – is when you think you’re very special and the centre of attention – is of utmost importance.

Returning to the question at hand, I want to say that we are trying to provide this kind of service on our trading platform so that every trader using it can feel as if it was tailored specifically for them.

IQ Option has a lot of  awards. What do these awards mean for your team?

Yes, we are one of the most titled binary brokers. Each award for us is recognition of the quality of our work.

Of course, we are proud of all our awards, but more importantly, we are constantly improving what might, at a cursory glance, appear as a perfect product.

If you take the platform at the time of receiving the award “Most Innovative Broker” and compare with today’s platform, it is plain to see the great advances we have made.

Generally speaking, our awards are a reminder to us that we cannot rest on our laurels and we must constantly move forward.

“We must constantly move forward.”

What is the most common question of IQ Option’s traders?

Very frequently asked questions from traders is: “Listen, there must be some easy way, tell me your secret, that will help me. ”

A pleasant smile on my part is usually the first response to that question. And, that is generally followed by a simple response: “Perseverance, self-control, diligence, patience – that is the only secret to success.”

 You recently launched IQ Robots – can you tell us the key benefits of this new product?

IQ robots are ideal for automated trading. It is no secret that there are traders who are only interested in the result.

IQ robots are ideal for them. For those who want to trade themselves and are at the same time interested in robots, I suggest using a combination trade.

In 2016, IQ Option switched to instant withdrawals. What does this mean for the traders?

Unsurprisingly, the first thing traders want to know about a broker is how fast and how easily they can withdraw money. We understand this very well.

We devised a procedure of funds withdrawal in the most quick and easy way. For traders, this means that they can get their money without delay. Speed is a strategic advantage, and we use it in a way that benefits both us and our clients.

What are your future plans on binary options market? Any new products or features perhaps?

We have a huge staff of programmers and we are constantly working on our platform.

Some projects are quite long, and we have been working on them for more than two years. In order to not reveal valuable secrets, I will say that in the near future, we will increase the number of technical analysis tools and we will introduce new assets. But, these are the simple things for us.

Truly great improvement will be issued within six months, and I am quite sure that traders will be delighted with it. I hope it will spark an interest in you too.

Thank you very much, and naturally – a big thank you to all our traders.

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