How to withdraw cryptocurrency from IQ Option

In order to directly withdraw from your crypto positions, make sure you have enough of secure deposits.

By secure deposits, we mean payments from bank cards that use 3-D Secure technology (such as Verified by Visa), whereby the customer authorizes the payment with a one-time password received from the bank at the time of payment.

withdraw cryptocurrency from IQ Option

The total amount of payments made with 3-D Secure authorization is the amount available for direct withdrawals of cryptocurrency. The price of the cryptocurrency being withdrawn is calculated using the exchange rate at the time of opening the position.

To make a 3-D Secure payment:

1. Make sure that your card and your bank support payments with 3-D Secure authorization.
2. Select the corresponding option in checkout the next time you deposit money.
3. Make the payment with 3-D Secure authorization.

If the payment is successful, the amount will be added automatically.

When you submit a request to withdraw crypto positions, if your request exceeds the maximum amount, the system automatically notifies you of the amount available and suggests topping up your account.

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