New Crypto IQcoin

Leading Binary Option Company IQ Option is Planning to start It’s Crypto Currency Trading Platform “IQ COIN”

Open Trading Network Tokens and OTN Coins

As further updates are expected, the company explains that the token sale will be limited to a fixed amount. The sole detail that catches the eye before the publication of any white paper is that the website states that the company has over 500 team members and that is a profitable company.


According to the title page, the ICO of the company could be a substantial offering. The firm has not published a roadmap, with the only active space being reserved for an email subscription list.


IQ Coin is coming in October 2017

Aware of the fact that digital coins are experiencing an ever-growing growth rate, the well-known binary options broker wanted to take advantage of it by creating something that could only be focused on them.

IQ Coin was then born as a container of information and as a trading platform dedicated to all those users who want to take advantage of the golden age of cryptovalutes, and try to do business with Bitcoin & Co.

True, the idea of this platform is not born now, seen and considered that the first project dates back a long time ago, but you want the period, whether you want Bitcoin’s acquisition of value in recent times, as well as the role played Since the appearance of additional criptovalutes (like Bitcoin Cash), the fact is that IQ Coin is talking much more now than not at the very beginning.


For the time being, the project is still a bit reserved, and you can only notice this from the fact that there are not many traces of IQ Coin on the net. There are very few realities that talk about it and there is still no area Through which users can access to exploit all the potential of the platform. And the reason is soon explained: the launch of the platform will take place in October, as well as a video teaser recently released by IQ Option let it leap.


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