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Now you can get your investment back?

Recently we have added a selling options before expiration feature to our mobile apps too, so now you can manage your trades on the go!

Let’s talk about how you can use it to manage the risks and return your investment in case of the wrong prediction. This feature allows you to cancel your trade within the first 3 seconds or to sell the option back on the condititons offered.

Cancelling and selling the option is not the same.

Deal cancellation means its full cancelation as per the purchase conditions. If you cancel the deal within the first 3 seconds after the option purchase, you receive the full amount of your investment back to your balance. Instantly.

Example: you buy an option with $1 and you can see the CANCEL button at the top right corner of your trading room. It will show you the time countdown so that you realize how many seconds you have left (2 seconds left in the example). If you press the CANCEL button, you will receive $1 back. That is the full investment refund.

All you need here is to be quick to decide.

Canceling the trade

Selling option back to us is available on certain conditions.

If the asset price is moving in the direction, opposite to the one you predicted, the system will offer you to decrease your losses by closing the deal before the expiration time.

Selling option before expiration is available on both Turbo and Binary trading modes. It is not available on the OTC trading (weekend trading) though.

The selling rate is being calculated automatically. It takes into consideration the historical volatility, deviation of the current quote rate from the quote rate at the time of purchase, time left to the expiration.

Example: you invested $1 into the CALL trade. The asset price falls by 34% comparing with the purchase price. You can sell the option back for $0.34 (34% from your investment). Thus, you get $0.66 back to the account. Quite a saving! (please mind that the example is relative)

Selling the option back

Here is a short video on this gorgeos feature too:

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