Options Trading — Basic and Advanced Video Tutorials

Who needs text tutorials when all (or at least most of them) are available as videos? Not all of you know that there is a special section on the IQ Option platform dedicated specifically to video tutorials. Here you will find all sorts of videos: dedicated to instruments, indicators, strategies and important patterns you, as a trader, have to know.

Here is how to find the tutorials using a web-based or a standalone application:

  • First, push the ‘More’ button, found in the bottom left corner of the trade room. Then choose ‘Video tutorials’ and scroll all the way down (yes, it is a long list).
  • It is even easier to find the video that you might be interested in when using a smartphone. Click on the ‘Play’ button in the left-hand side of the screen and choose the video from the category. It is as simple as that.

Watch the video dedicated to our latest trading instrument — FX Options:

Learn how to use probably the simplest (yet still highly effective) technical analysis indicator in under 2 minutes:

Did you know that the chart type can make or break your deal? Well, now you do. Watch the video that goes into detail about the topic:

What is the difference between a put and a call option? What is the best portfolio composition? Video tutorials cover these and many other topics.

 What is CFD?

What is leverage?

How to trade CFD?

How to close your position automatically?

How to open your position automatically?

What is slippage?

 Now, when you know a little bit more, it is time to more your newly acquired knowledge to the test. Or to watch a couple more video tutorials on the IQ Option platform.

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