OTN Tokens – Selling and Mining.

The Open Trading Network, a project that will change the cryptocurrency industry forever, is far from reaching its full capacity. Traders, however, can already profit from the OTN by mining and selling tokens on an online exchange. The difference between the cost of mining and the ask price turns the OTN token into a perfect asset for arbitrage.

‘Arbitrage’ is an intricate term used by financial professionals to describe the classic “buy low, sell high” strategy. In turns out that during the initial phase of the Open Trading Network project (which is now) traders do have a chance to execute the named strategy and capitalize on price discrepancies.

It should be noted that this opportunity is temporary and will persist until the cost of mining (that is destined to go up over time) and the selling price reach an equilibrium. To capitalize on this opportunity, visit IQ Option platform.

The mining cost of OTN tokens can be easily estimated on the IQ Option trading platform

This week (October 23rd — October 29th) the cost of mining one OTN token is estimated to be just over the $0.5 threshold, while the ask price is fluctuating between $1.05 and $1.94.

The price action of the OTN token

In order to utilize this method, the trader will need to have both a verified IQ Option account and an account on The one will also need to credit his real account: OTN tokens are distributed based on the real account trading activity.

OTN tokens are distributed in accordance with the total comission paid

Remember that the number of OTN tokens received is proportionate to the total commission paid. In other words, the deals you make do not have to be in the black in order for you to receive tokens. Both profitable and lossmaking deals are considered. The commission is subtracted the moment you open a deal. However, you may also consider net positive trading for additional gains.

OTN tokens are distributed on a weekly basis. Don’t be confused that the number of expected tokens is diminishing over time. This is due to an increasing accumulated commission, paid by all cryptocurrency traders. Once you receive your tokens, however, their number will no longer decrease.

The tokens can now be safely transferred to your account and sold on the exchange. Kindly read this article in order to familiarize yourself with all the neccessary details and learn how to trade OTN tokens.

Selling OTN tokens is the final step of the ‘business cycle’


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