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Signs You’re Dealing With a Good Binary Options Broker

The number of articles about binary options brokers may very well be as high as the number of actual brokers. There’s a very good reason for that. While there are a lot of good and even great binary options brokers out there, the number of unreliable brokers may be just as high. Here are a number of telltale signs that you’re dealing with the right kind. Note that this is in no way a guarantee, just as this doesn’t proof all brokers wrong that don’t apply to all these rules.

Support Is Available

All binary options brokers say they offer support, but not all of them are actually available to listen to your problems. Good brokers offer a customer support section where you find helpful, dedicated agents that know how to do their job. The best ones even offer 24/7 support.
The Broker Is Regulated

Regulation is a very important thing in the market these days. Good brokers are either locally or internationally regulated. To comply with these regulations, brokers are obliged to follow a set of strict rules.

The Account Manager Works For You

Once you’ve signed up, there’s a big chance an account manager will give you a call. If this account manager is any good, he or she will help you set up, provide you with solid advice, and look at the best deal for you. This too is something you don’t see everywhere. Look for the bonus, ask for the extras, ands don’t settle for the first offer – there’s usually some wiggle room.

Withdrawals Are Easy & Fast

At the end of the day, when you’ve complied with all the terms & conditions, you want to withdraw your winnings. And you want to withdraw them fast. Look at the withdrawal policy or check with your account manager. This also is an important sign to tell what your broker is made of.

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